Inclement Weather – Snow Days vs. E-Learning Days

Inclement Weather – Snow Days vs. E-Learning Days


In the event of inclement weather and the need to cancel in person school, we will utilize the following to inform of school closures:

  1. Posted on all Social Media platforms
  2. Voice call through our Automated system
  3. Text message through our Automated system
  4. Email through our Automated system
  5. Posted on our District Website
  6. Posted on our app. 
  7. Channel 3 - WCIA News.

***Please contact the office at (217) 987-6155 to update any phone numbers or email addresses that may have changed. 

***You can also log on to Teacher Ease and make any necessary changes.  

Traditional Snow Days & E-Learning Days

We have the ability to utilize up to 5 E-Learning Days. An E-Learning Day is a day when we do not have school, but we have educational expectations that need to be covered at home as these days count as a school day.  These would be utilized when we cannot have school due to inclement weather or other causes that would keep us out of school. A Snow Day would be a Traditional Snow Day with no educational expectations.  In the school closure notice for Potomac Grade School, we will identify it as a Traditional Snow Day or E-Learning Day.  

E-Learning Day

  1. We will inform students and teachers by the end of the current school day that there will be the possibility of an E-Learning Day the following school day.  This will allow enough time to send devices home.  Then, if we have school they just bring the devices back the next day.  
  2. Students that do not have access to the internet or may not have a good connection due to multiple users will receive a Learning Packet from their teacher (please call the office or inform your child’s teacher that they will need a Learning Packet).  Lower grades may also just receive a Learning Packet.  
  3. Each teacher will provide information and directions for E-Learning and the work that will be covered for that day.

Traditional Snow Days

This will be identified in the School Cancellation Notice.  There will again be NO educational expectations on a Traditional Snow Day! 

If you have any questions, please let me know. 

Again, this does not mean school is canceled tomorrow!! We will keep you updated if anything changes!