• Monday, January 4 - Remote Planning Day (No Student Attendance)
  • Technology pickup will be MONDAY, January 4 from 4pm-6pm. 
    • If your child had a device during the last remote learning period, we will have it ready for you to pick up. If you haven't gotten your child's device, but now need it, please respond to this email. 
    • If this time will not work for you, please respond to this email.  
  • January 5-8 Remote Learning- ZOOM MEETINGS
    • Teachers will reach out to students on January 4th with their agenda for the week.
    • If your child cannot attend a Zoom meeting, you/your child need(s) to email their teacher/teachers. We are still required to take attendance during our remote learning.

Remote Learning Expectation Review:

  • Come in with sound muted.
  • USE YOUR ACTUAL NAME - Students will not be allowed to enter the Zoom if they have signed in with anything other than their ACTUAL NAME
  • A quiet space to work - A quiet space is not laying in bed. We don't lay in beds at school, please do not let your child lay in bed during Zoom meetings.
  • Participating in Zooms on their own - (I know this one is hard for us parents. =) Remember though, we don't sit by our child/children at school, so let's try to let them learn from their teacher like they would be learning at school.) This does not mean you can't help them get logged on if they need it, but we are raising independent learners and this is a huge growth opportunity for them.
  • Materials need to be out and ready.
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Raise your hand to speak
  • Be respectful to your classmates


  • Monday, January 11 - Return to In Person Learning