Good afternoon! 

With our new Teacher Ease system, you are now able to logon and change your contact information.  We are asking all parents to please do this.  We have made several changes per your registration papers, but we may have missed a few things.  You can also change emergency contacts, etc.  

Midterms are this Friday, September 18.  We will not be sending these home this year.  However, due to it being the first quarter, if a student is receiving a D or F in any class, we will send home a midterm report on Friday, September 26.  As always, we encourage you to check students' grades often.  

Lastly, we will continue the schedule that we are currently on through the end of this semester.  In December, we will revisit it and see if we will change to 3:00 dismissal or continue with 2:00 dismissal.  We understand that this isn't ideal for everyone.  However, Armstrong-Ellis and Armstrong High School are running the same schedule.  Due to busing, it is important for us all to dismiss at the same time.  

Reminder, we will dismiss at 11:20 on Wednesday, September 23.  

As always, if you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact the school.  

Thank you!