School is a requirement between the ages of six and seventeen years of age in the State of Illinois.  We understand that from time to time students become ill and this requires them to miss school.  However, as stated in the handbook, "there are two types of absences: excused and unexcused. Excused absences include: illness (including up to 5 days per school year for mental or behavioral health of the student)."  If absences do not fit within the guidelines set forth in our handbook, they will be marked as UNEXCUSED.  For example, getting home late and not getting enough sleep, going hunting, going shopping, etc. even if you call the school it is still unexcused as it states in the handbook that all parents signed off on at registration.  

Prearranged absences, such as vacations, must be approved by the principal.  

A doctor’s note is required for three consecutive missed school days. After nine (9) absences in a single school year a doctor’s note is required for each subsequent absence. A doctor’s note may not excuse absences for more than one calendar week. Failure to produce a doctor’s note will result in an unexcused absence.

Once a student has reached a total of 9 absences (excused by a parent), any additional absences may require documentation explaining the reason for the absence (doctor’s note, court appearance letter, etc.)  Any absence that does not meet these criteria will be considered unexcused.  

If you have any questions regarding attendance matters, do not hesitate to reach out to Ms. Freeman.